Welcome to Abundant Life Ministries Pakistan

Brief History of Calling

The Lord gave a vision to Pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar to start a prayer group in 1990, after 6 to 7 month this Group became a prayer team, only and only prayer team among the youth of that area named Kashmir Colony in Karachi city which were called and invited from the people of that area to visit their family and pray for them as well as for the blessings of their house. In the end of 1990 This unnamed prayer group of few young became Abundant Life Prayer Group.

Being young men of prayer we were encouraged from the Lord regarding the answers of prayers and prayerful blessings in answers of calls from and visit to the people now in different areas of Karachi City.

On 23rd of march 1992 I felt the spirit of God saying to my heart to establish an evangelistic organization to proclaim the good news of the word of Truth.

We then two people visited to share our testimonies among the people in many different cities in three provinces of our country. Once again, we were blessed and courage to do our best for the Lord with laboring hard to reach to un-reached.

In the month of April 1994 the Lord strengthen me to establish Abundant Life Ministries Pakistan to preach the gospel of eternal salvation among all the nations of the World.

We praise God for His love and guidance who gives vision he gave provision with of brave, kind and patiently heart to spread the gospel in all over the country.

I can’t forget that we start that little prayer group with the words of prayer when we did not know about such kind of this goal to reach the world but the Spirit of God was a true leader and guide for me and friends so I must say with open heart that we started prayers with faith with no money or any other financial source but Lord fulfill His promise to send me being an ordinary young man to do extra ordinary work for His name and glory among many nations of this World.

Pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar saying “I praise God for His name in which I am risen for the all nations.”.

I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of his power.
 Ephesians 3:7

The man of prayer, Pastor Ishaq F. Khokhar had accepted Jesus as the personal savior of his life on 27th of September 1987 and had taken the baptism of water and received the gift of Holy Spirit on the same day.  The man of God is in the preaching ministry since his early and visited all four provinces of the country  with good news of the gospel as he  says “my vision is to  reach to the most un-reached parts of Islamic Republic of Pakistan with double edge sword of the Gospel to win Tribes and Nations for Jesus, Who is one and only savior and Lord of the World.”